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photo of meA little about me...
Art is my passion – it always has been, and it takes many forms, though I always knew that I would be a commercial artist. As a child, I would only run into the living room to watch TV when I heard the commercial breaks coming on. In school, I doodled what I thought would make more interesting cover designs for my textbook. As a young woman, I became inspired by the idealization of “market culture”, kitsch, and mass-produced commodities by pop artists like Warhol. Now, with over a decade of experience putting these commodities on store shelves and in your home, the same passion shines through in each of my works today.

A little more about me...
I moved from Connecticut, just outside of the New York City area, to Palm Beach and have since made a more genuine effort to stop and smell the roses. Or at least the sea air. I enjoy photography and often wish I would take my camera to the beach more, though I’m fine with capturing a memory of the waves with an echo in my ears if that’s all time will permit. I adore nature. I love the warmth of the sun, sounds of the surf and all of the activities that go along. Also, I love to cook. There is a romance between me and the food I prepare. I love to entertain and experiment with color, flavor and texture, and I put the same passion into a meal’s presentation as I do a magazine spread. My cookbook, The Economic Entertainer, is expected to hit shelves end of year.

I Believe...
...a successful sale begins with a sketchpad before software.

... you shouldn’t have to be in grade school to build a sand castle.

...life without passion is like drinking a fine Chianti from a plastic cup.

To infuse a little passion into your project, contact me at rhiana@rhiana.com

Have a beautiful day,

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